TESO Guides to Weapons and Gears

In the Elder Scrolls Online, the player’s currently-equipped weapon determines their available left mouse attack. A normal left-click triggers a precise light attack, while holding down the left mouse will initiate a hard-hitting heavy attack, very similar to all the other Elder Scrolls game guide. Your weapons power attack will apply certain additional properties if an enemy is currently afflicted by a certain state. For example, if an enemy spell-caster is dazed after just being interrupted, a follow-up power attack will apply additional damaging effects.

There is a system in place to actively swap out weapons in mid-combat, including the set of skills tied to that weapon. Weapon-swapping for every classes including the elder scrolls online templar cost a certain amount of stamina and magicka, and this ability is unlocked at Level 15. Holding the right mouse button engages the Active Blocking Mode, which intercepts incoming blows at the cost of stamina. While blocking, a left-click executes a shield bash, or weapon bash if you’re dual wielding, which interrupts enemy spell-casting or will break you out of crowd control effects. If you block a Power Attack from an enemy, that enemy will be dazed and become vulnerable. Double-tapping a movement key allows your character to perform an active dodge. This consumes some stamina but it allows you to evade an incoming attack. Sounds a lot like Guild Wars 2.

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