ESO Gold Seller Comparison

Like any other MMO, acquiring gold in ESO can be a real chore. Finding the optimal strategies for earning it can help speed things up, but that is still time that could be better spent doing something a lot more interesting or fun.

Naturally, many gold buying sites have begun offering their services for this new title, and like every other gold selling market there are services whose quality is questionable at best. To help you avoid the pitfalls awaiting anyone new to the gold buying arena, I have compared five of the more well known services that have begun offering gold in ESO.

In Game Delivery

In Game Delivery, or IGD, is the most trusted gold seller. The prices here are a little higher than others, but the gold is usually delivered in a timely manner.

igd logoThe first thing to note is that they have the fastest delivery around. While other services can take a few hours at the fastest to deliver the goods, IGD boasts an average delivery time of less than 30 minutes for the majority of their orders, making it an exceptionally fast service when they have gold in stock.

The ordering options available cover a wide range of gold amounts, giving players a considerable number of options to choose from, and their excellent customer support helps with any issues or questions consumers might have during the process.

IGD is listed as the second most trusted game currency seller on MMOBux, a popular and trustworthy site that reviews game currency sellers.

Koala Credits

Logo-Koala-CreditsKoala Credits is a veteran to the gold selling business and currently the most trusted gold seller around according to MMOBux.

Koala Credits provides excellent customer service, with some reviews claiming it to be the best in the industry. Indeed, compared to other services I have not heard any serious complaints about the customer service provided by this seller, which must mean something since people on the Internet can be prone to complain about even the smallest of problems.

The prices and options offered by Koala are a bit lower than IGD, though it can take a little longer to get your gold than IGD. However, their deliveries is still be very speedy, with most customers reporting their gold delivered within 12 hours.


guy4gameThis service is very comparable to iGXE, both in what they offer and their prices. There are a couple of excellent points, however, that differentiates G4G from the competition. Guy4Game reliably delivers the gold within a 12 to 24 hour period.

They also have a wider list of options regarding how much gold they sell in their ordering options. Their prices tend to match or even be a little lower than iGXE’s for these options.

One thing that keeps them from being better than iGXE in my mind is the lack of a custom order option. You cannot order, say, 75K gold from G4G since it is not an option in their order list. This is just a small nitpick, really, as the service is very satisfactory as a whole.

Avatar Bank

While last on the list, Avatar Bank should not always be your last choice. They are as reliable as any other gold seller listed here, and they are ranked highly on MMOBux as well.


The prices at Avatar Bank are fairly standard, though at times their prices can be the lowest around. Their deliveries are quick if they have supplies available on your server.

Delays do not seem to be too common or pronounced, though, so as long as you are not in a considerable rush to get your gold this is an excellent seller to buy gold from. Those looking for speedier deliveries may need to go to other sellers.


The four sellers listed and talked about here are high quality gold merchants. They each have their particular strengths that will make them attractive to different people. Some are cheaper, others are faster, and three of them are the top ranked sellers on MMOBux, but they are all trustworthy and fulfil their orders reliably.

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