In-depht Gold Making Guide in the Elder Scrolls Online: What You Should Do to Make Wealth

Making gold in Elder Scrolls Online comes down to three basic premises: Quests, trade with other players and optimal farming locations. Taking part in all three activities will grant you the highest gold income as well as supply you with all the goods necessary to equip your character and purchase quality-of-life items such as mounts, full bank access and more.

This gold making guide will be divided into the three basic premises as noted above and will outline how to best proceed through the game in order to obtain all the gold you could ever need. As a note, some of these strategies are intended to work best during the game’s early post-launch period. As the game ages, most of these strategies will likely see significant changes.

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Questing and General Tips

questing in eso

As odd as it may seem, questing is actually one of the best sources of gold in ESO. This is partially due to the fact that questing is also the best source of experience while leveling. The two pair together nicely. The game was structured this way intentionally due to the high focus on the story.

The fact that it’s possible to quest in other Veteran alliance zones after hitting level 50 also encourages this idea. The Veteran quests are ESO’s answer to daily quests, essentially, and are slightly more interesting to take part in. The repeatable quests in Cyrodil also offer decent gold rewards, but must be completed while in quite the risky zone where PvP lurks behind every corner. Cyrodil becomes playable after hitting level 10.

While leveling, make sure to do all of the side quests along the way. Make sure to also do the Mages Guild and Fighters Guild quests as soon as possible. While there are no quest “hubs” per say in ESO, it’s far more efficient to have as many quests as possible when you run out into the world. This cuts down on the time you spend running back and forth. Each side quest completed also gives you more gold and more quest rewards. Both make leveling easier.

When spending eso gold on items during the leveling process, give preference to upgrading your bank space and inventory space. Extra bank space can be purchased from any bank owner. Banks are found in any of the major cities and are marked on the map with an icon of a treasure box.

Additional inventory space can be purchased from a backpack vendor. These vendors can also be found in major towns. They’re sometimes near bank locations or sometimes in their own building marked with an icon of a bag.

Three locations for backpack vendors:

backpack vendor in davon's watch

Vulkhel Guard: Backpacks can be bought in The Handy Haversack, northeast of the marketplace with the forge, etc.

Daggerfall: Backpacks can be bought right next to the bank, at an outdoor wagon.

Davon’s Watch: Backpacks can be purchased in the southeastern corner of the Market District.

The first inventory upgrade can be purchased for only 400 gold. The second costs 2000 gold. Both are still invaluable. Each upgrade adds an extra 10 spots to your inventory.

To save yourself a bit of bag space, you should keep crafting materials inside your bank whenever possible. Since you can craft with items that are within your bank, this makes it easy to leave crafting items there and utilize your inventory to pick up as much loot as possible.

One more tip: You can save yourself a bit of gold by waiting to purchase your first mount until you have enough gold for the more expensive, faster mounts. If you’re good at making gold, the difference between the first mount (17.2k gold) and the second mount (42.7k gold) won’t seem too high, but the speed difference between the two mounts is significant.

Optimal Farming Locations

Humanoid Camps

eso fight with humanoid enemy

Despite the fact that quests take you all over Tamriel, there are definitely areas of the game where it’s more beneficial to slay enemies randomly in search of rare goods than in other areas. Any area with humanoid enemies, unsurprisingly, is usually an area ideal for money-making. Humanoid enemies drop small amounts of gold plus have a higher chance of dropping bind-on-equip pieces of equipment or provisioning recipes such as green or blue items. Some of these can be sold or traded to other players. They also vendor for a decent chunk of change if you can’t find a potential buyer.

Some humanoid enemies such as Daedric enemies also drop Soul Gems which come in handy in all areas of the game. These let you resurrect in place as well as act as an agent for resurrecting other players (which is especially useful when you start to PvP). Soul Gems are purchasable off vendors found in most major towns, but every bit of saved money often helps, especially during the early levels.

There are areas where farming humanoid enemies is extremely easy due to quick respawn rates. Just make sure you’re powerful enough to take on more than one enemy at a time and have plenty of free bag space. Most of these areas tend to be world dungeons or caverns. One of the first areas that’s excellent is the Ondil area in Auridon.

As a general rule of thumb, most random humanoid enemies you come across are worth killing while random beasts, demons and other enemies might not be. Most beasts and demons drop items that can be vendored, however, so it’s not useless to kill them. Beasts also often drop raw leather goods for crafting

Player Trade

elder scrolls online player trade

Since there is no auction house in Elder Scrolls Online it is up to the players to trade and sell amongst themselves. Trading and selling is one of the best ways to earn gold in the game, however, especially when the game is newly-released and certain goods are high in demand. If you wish to make a lot of gold by selling items to other players, you’re going to have to pay attention to the market and to what people are asking for.

It’s also important to join one of the player-ran crafting/trading guilds. There are multiple trading guilds on each megaserver and there are more created every day. Players can join up to five guilds at a time, so joining one is a great idea for players who are trying to earn as much gold as they can. Pay attention to what your guildmates ask for or request. Ask if anyone would like to buy or trade for the items you have to sell. Help others and they will likely return the favor and pad your pocketbook. The zone channels can also be used to try and meet new customers.

Player-created guilds will also eventuality let guildmates place items on the guild market, which is an auction house-like feature but for players belonging to that guild. You can place items for sale using the interface and they can buy them even if you’re not online. This is one of the best ways to sell crafted goods or bulk raw materials.

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Sell Crafted Items

If you are a crafter, selling crafted goods that are high in demand will be one of the best ways to earn gold. This is especially the case as players near the level cap. Crafted equips such as weapons and armor pieces will fetch a large price, but glyphs and potions will also be highly valuable for endgame players.

Crafting may be time consuming, but it can also be very lucrative. Again, pay attention to what players are asking for. Look for any type of hole in the current marketplace. Find or create items to fill in that hole and you will have no trouble earning all the gold you could ever want.

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