How Combat Works in the Elder Scrolls Online

There are 2 targeting systems in the Elder Scrolls Online Combat. The first one is the soft-lock targeting, which essentially means that you take your crosshair, which is in the middle of your screen and you place it on the enemy that you want to attack. As long as you keep that crosshair reasonably close to the target, you will land your attack. If your aim sucks, you’re going to completely miss. This applies to both ranged attacks from archers and mages, as well as up-close and personal melee attacks.

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The second targeting system is similar to TAB-targeting from other MMOs. This allows you to focus a specific enemy within a group. It’s important to note though that even with the TAB-targeting system, you still have to use the soft-lock system in conjunction with it. What is TAB-targeting? Let’s say that if we have a group of 5 enemies all clumped up and you want to target a specific enemy, let’s say you want to target the healer; you can TAB-target, find the healer, and all of your attacks will land on that target as long as you are still using the soft-lock system effectively.

In order to enhance the action combat feel, combat in eso, which all commands could be seen in this site, focuses around the opportunistic use of a stamina bar which allows the player to sprint, block, interrupt attacks and escape crowd control abilities. By selectively using these strategic abilities, combat in The Elder Scrolls Online feels dynamic, despite adhering to turn-base fundamentals which are critical to MMO design.

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