Making Money by Crafting in ESO Part 2


Selling Materials
Other crafting professions have a good chance of selling things as well, although selling consumable items from alchemy and provisioning can readily make you wealthy. In order to get the items they want, all players need to level their crafting. However, they might not all want to resort to hunting for resources. Gathering crafting material may be a primary focus for some crafters. Different types of material will prove to be in great demand.

Node Materials
Harvesting resource nodes that spawn randomly throughout the game world may provide one with basic items such as ore and wood. Voracious crafters will need more of these resources for leveling, and will anxiously pay big bucks for them.

Trait Stones
Traits can enhance all crafted gear. A crafter will need the correct stone in order to enhance an item with a trait. These stones can be gained by destroying other items with traits or be found as loot. Trait stones will have a high value although not very common.

Enhancement Materials
An additional material type is available for clothing, blacksmithing and woodworking. This allows items to be upgraded, dramatically improving their stats without increasing their level. There are five level possible to all items namely, normal, fine, superior, epic, and legendary. In order to upgrade the weapon, each level requires a different, and increasingly rare and valuable, material. Upgrading a weapon is a percentage chance so many copies of these materials will be needed. And only when five portions of the material are used will it reach 100. These materials can be gained by destroying other items or be found as loot.

To gain materials doesn’t necessarily mean to run all over the map mining nodes. The more valuable stones and enhancement materials can be gained by destroying valuable items or be found as loot. Crafters who chose to do this can grind precious mobs or bosses for loot, put skill points into the proper skill that impacts deconstructing, and sell off the useful materials they got.

Using the hireling passive ability is the last option for gathering gold from crafting. Every 24 hours, the player is granted a random assortment of crafting materials for free when this ability is unlocked. This can be used in crafting or to supplement materials to sell. There is a chance for higher level materials or items although most of the materials given are node materials.

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